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20/08/2004: v0.7 of 3DControls
17/08/2004: Update of freezsaver some source can't be compile
23/05/2004: New visuel of 3DControls
09/05/2004: Site detect URL's error, using WEB statisitc by"Xiti"
23/04/2004: v0.6.2 of 3DControls and project detail
07/04/2004: v0.6.1 of 3DControls , v1.3 of the SFC, relooking of the site with buttons

v0.5.1 of 3DControls becomes OpenSource and is available on sourceforge.net

17/03/2004: v1.2 of the SFC, v1.1 of ShortCutKey, v1.2 of MyDebugServer, v1.1 of dllDependancy
08/03/2004: v0.5.1 of 3DControls + documentation by "doxygen" , reorganization of link
03/03/2004: Documentation of SFC with "doxygen"
29/02/2004: Corrections of the many spelling mistakes of the site by valorous Nono anssi that Gurvann, that they are thanked for it forever!! Translation in English of 3d Controls by Cecile, that it is also thanked for it forever.
16/02/2004: Updated to version 1.0 of ShortCutKey, additional lienk, description of the class MyRegistry

Addition of the descriptive page of SendKey


Updated of "debugControl" which becomes MyDebugServer with its description, C++ is updated with 3 articles, the SFC is MAJ, addition link.


Installation of a menu, infos under the C++


Updated of the heading Music, addition of a FAQ C++


The ZIP of MyGlSaver was updated because it was incomplete, rehandling of the site without frameset


Opening of the source code of MyGlSaver + addition of its forum, relooking of link, updat on autor description


New eMail for any contact, addition of musics + agreements, encoding of all the pieces in mp3pro (mp3 2 * smaller!)


Forum on DllDependancy and replacement of the install of shortCutKey which did not go any more.


Re-looking (with:: Menu:: everywhere), addition of links on forum of www.cppfance.com for shortcutkey , freezsaver and debugConsole


Good year... of the blow I relooking the site (+ a little more Flash) and added my compositions of music perso


Hébèrgement on "free.fr", therefore faster, the pages one of the distinct URL' S (for bonds on forum), the files are from now on in ZIP


v0.4a of 3DControls available, new links


Addition of the gold book, small forum, infos additional on 3d controls and of the programs resembling it


Relooking, description of playlistmanager


The debug mode of 3d Controls is described


v0.4 of 3DControls available


Detailed addition descrition of MyGlSaver


Re-looking of the site + addition of descriptions, freezsaver v1.3 becomes opensource

07/12/2003: Opening of the site

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