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Updated: 20/08/2004
:: Freeware + open source ::

This site puts to your disposal "small" tools free of use (obviously for any commercialization / package inclusion, please contact me)

The source code (Vc++ 6.0/.NET) is available for the majority of the freewares proposed. Concerning the others, they were not forgotten. I only wished to prevent commercialization of a product intended to be free.

The goal is to give sample codes for your own applications, where the API parameters are really boring, almost scary...please see Mignonsoft.

Good visit! With the occasion, leave me your impressions. I may take it as an encouragement....
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20/08/2004: v0.7 of 3DControls
17/08/2004: Update of freezsaver some source can't be compile
23/05/2004: New visuel of 3DControls
09/05/2004: Using error detection, Using "Xiti" for statistics
23/04/2004: v0.6.2 of 3DControls and project detail

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